Opal Centre, Maidstone - autogenic training, autogenic therapy, an alternative self-help approach
What People Say about Autogenic Training
"There is the most peaceful place on the planet, Ftenagia on the Greek island of Halki.  There really isn't anywhere more stress free.  Last summer, after many summers there, I found myself lying in the sun fearing I was having a heart attack.  It's pretty remote, my mind turned to helicopters, flights to Rhodes and many more things.  A quick, large slug of Ouzo helped.  I've spent 14 summers there, I feared I'd never travel again.  But at home it was no better and, curiously, it was the well known, the familiar, that were worst.  There was no logic in it.  Nobody could understand it, least of all me.  My GP recommended AT and I took Anne's course.  I now can't believe the state I used to get in.  It's absolutely unbelievable now, but then it was so real.  I cannot commend AT highly enough, it's given me my life back." 
"Now, if a stressful situation presents itself, I am able to engage my AT and remain at peace, whilst others around me battle in vain."
"My sleep has improved vastly.  I now have the ability to deflect headaches before they develop and a method of coping with anxiety."
"It has been a good, life-enhancing experience.  I hope I will always have AT in my life."
"I am now working more effectively with less aggression and have more tolerance towards others."
"I am very glad I did the course and felt it was not only reasonably priced but money and time very well spent."
"I have found a state of relaxation that I can achieve on my own that I have not managed or felt before."