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Anne Whybrow - Autogenic Training
Anne Whybrow
Having experienced several very stressful periods in her life and discovered the benefits of Autogenic Training first hand, Anne Whybrow set up the Opal Centre for Stress Management in 1994. 

She first learnt AT in the mid eighties and has used it ever since.  She trained with the British Autogenic Society and qualified as an AT therapist in 1996.  Anne's background lies in psychiatric nursing and she is also a registered nurse teacher.
AT has been practised in the UK for over 20 years and is overseen by the British Autogenic Society. For more information click here.

The self-help techniques consist of a series of simple, easily learned mental exercises that link mind and body in association with deep relaxation.  It is often said that 10 minutes of these exercises is equivalent to 2 hours sleep. 

AT is a skill, that once mastered, can be used anywhere - on a train, plane, at your desk, anywhere!
Autogenic Training can also help sleep disorders, panic attacks, high blood pressure, asthma, phobias, ibs, colitis, arthritis, muscular pain and tension, migraines, fatigue, bladder disorders, sexual dysfunction, aggression and unresolved grief.