Autogenic training - self help techniques, relaxation, stress management
Opal Centre, Maidstone - autogenic training, autogenic therapy, an alternative self-help approach
Opal Centre - autogenic therapy, autogenic training
Opal Centre - autogenic therapy, autogenic training
Learn how to achieve peace and calm in your busy daily life ......
.... with Autogenic Training.
What is Autogenic Training?
What are the benefits?
Autogenic Training is a self-help method that  teaches you to use simple relaxation techniques and exercises to help you cope with everyday stress and pressures.

> easy to learn techniques
> quick and simple exercises
> use anywhere, anytime
> no special equipment required
> training one to one or in groups
Those who have learnt Autogenic Training often report significant improvement within weeks, including;

> renewed energy and enthusiasm
> heightened creative ability
> greater coping ability and calmness under pressure
> reduction of stress anxiety levels
> increased confidence and assertiveness
> improved teamwork amongst colleagues
> better quality sleep
How can it help me?
Autogenic Training for Business
If you suffer from -
> stress at home or at work?
> general fatigue?
> built up tension?
> sleeping problems?
> panic attacks?
Autogenic Training (AT) can help you and your colleagues improve the way they do business - permanently, cost-effectively and painlessly. 

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Autogenic Training may be the answer.

A course of
Autogenic Training can be used to provide an alternative, self-help approach for countering all these problems as well as promoting a general sense of well-being and relaxation.